Social Media is Trying To Cancel Patrick Mahomes’ Fiancée Over Old Tweets About Black People (TWEETS)

Long before Super Bowl LV, social media didn’t have the best opinion of Patrick Mahomes fiancee, Brittany Matthews, for various reasons.

The dislike for her only got bigger on Sunday as she took to Twitter several times to complain about the game and how it wasn’t going the way she thought it would for Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs.

She also took several shots at ESPN for trolling her soon-to-be husband on social media.

All the complaining led to social media detectives scroling through her Twitter to find anything, and something was found.

It was a 5-year-old tweet where Brittany said her life was complete after doing a popular dance with some Black girls.

“Just hit the quan with some black girls, my life’s complete”

She also had this one about Black guys:

That was more than enough for social media to start trolling her and call for her to be cancelled: