Social Media Thinks Tom Brady Pulled A Michael Jordan-Type Cover Up With Nike Logo After Super Bowl (VIDEO + TWEETS)

Tom Brady did the unthinkable after signing with the Tampa Bay Bucs last offseason and winning ring No. 7 less than a year after his decision to leave the New England Patriots.

During the trophy presentation, however, Brady appeared to pull a slick move with a well known sponsor.

As the Super Bowl MVP prepared to take a question on the podium, Brady could be seen taking a glance down at his shirt and noticing a Nike logo. He then pulled the collar tight around his neck to hide the logo on his undershirt.

If you are not aware, Brady is a prominent endorser of Under Armour. Brady wears Under Armour cleats, and an Under Armour glove while out on the field. However, the NFL has an apparel and equipment contract with Nike.

Michael Jordan famously ddi something similar back in the 1992 Olympics when he found out he was being forced to wear a Reebok warmup jacket onto a podium for the medal ceremony. Jordan hilariously draped the American flag over his shoulder to make sure the logo would not be seen on him.

Charles Barkley and Magic Johnson also did the same thing.