Somebody Put Super Bowl LV Streaker In Tecmo Bowl Game & The Results Were Hilarious (VIDEO)

The man who got his fifteen minutes of fame for running out on the field during Super Bowl LV has since been identified, charged with a crime, and released on bond.

According to Tampa TV station WFLA, authorities identified the streaker as 31-year-old Florida man Yuri Andrade, who arrested and charged with trespassing before posting bond.

During an uneventful fourth quarter, the man could be seen out on the field in a pink bikini evading security before sliding down at the goal line.

The good folks over at Benstonium have since put that guy in Tecmo Bowl and the results came out perfect.

The CBS cameras didn’t show the vast majority of Andrade’s run, but footage from fans inside Raymond James Stadium show him in a dead sprint getting closer to a touchdown than what the Chiefs could do all night.

Kevin Harlan’s radio call is an instant all-timer.