Bruce Arians Throws Shot At Chiefs During Super Bowl Parade: ‘That Was Kansas City’s Bullsh-t’ (VIDEO)

Bruce Arians was feeling himself.

The Tampa Bay Bucs head coach took the microphone at the Super Bowl parade on Wednesday and addressed the crowd in attendance while throwing a shot at his Super Bowl LV opponent.

“Run it back”? Bullshit. That was Kansas City’s bullshit. We going for two. We bringing everybody back. We’re going to keep this band together, and they know how to win.”

This season for the Bucs might not have happened after Arians told The Los Angeles Times in an article published Wednesday that his wife asked him to seriously consider opting out of the season because of his age and health, both of which made him high risk.

“Some people said, ‘Dad, you need to opt out this year,’ and I was like, ‘No way. I’ll risk it. It’s going to be a magical year.’”

“Not being able to eat together and really socialize together. This team became so, so close with just the commitment they made to beat the virus so that they’d all be available,” he said. “That was our first goal. We said, ‘If we beat the virus, we can beat anybody.’”

Well, he was right.