REPORT: Carson Wentz Prefers Trade To The Colts Over The Chicago Bears (VIDEO)

(Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

The only thing we know for sure is that Carson Wentz is going to be on the move this offseason. The only question remains as to where he will end up.

Chris Simms and Phil Simms were recently speaking to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk and revealed that the disgruntled QB prefers to play with the Indianapolis Colts over the likes of the Chicago Bears.

The Bears and Colts have been heavily rumored to be in the mix for Wentz.

“FLORIO: For Wentz especially, he shouldn’t want to go to Chicago because it’s kind of like Philly.

“SIMMS: Yeah.

“FLORIO: You’re stepping into the same problems, and there’s more pressure on you to perform right out of the gates. In Indianapolis, I think he would have more leeway, he would have more of a chance to develop.


“If I’m Wentz, I strongly prefer the Colts over the Chicago Bears.

“SIMMS: And I was told he does. I was told by some people I trust that he prefers the Colts’ situation, certainly.”

Wentz had 2,620 passing yards, 16 touchdown passes and a league-leading 15 interceptions in 12 games in 2020. He was benched for Jalen Hurts at points during the season.