Bodybuilder Who Married Sex Doll Wants To See Other Robots After Breaking The First One (PICS)

A bodybuilder who married his sex doll is now looking to step out on his wife and bring in more company after he broke the first one.

Yuri Tolochko, from Kazakhstan, went super viral last year when he actually held a wedding to marry his sex doll, Margo.

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The good times ended when he broke the sex doll.

“She is broken — now she is being repaired. She’s in another city,” he said. “When she recovers, it will be a gift for both of us.”

Yuri now wants to pursue even more sex dolls, according to Mirror.

Yuri said: “I don’t want Margo to break down again. And that means I have to unload her. I decided that I could have several wives, this tradition exists in some eastern cultures.

“I am currently considering two options. I got acquainted online with another sex doll.

“I even decided to fly to her, meet her – she lives in Moscow. But they didn’t let me out of the airport. Because of the quarantine.”

He is keen to sexually experiment with a “big chicken” – albeit not a live one. “It will be such a sex toy. He will have a vagina and a d**k. I can’t wait for her.

“This thought turns me on.”

He added: “After my sex with chicken meat, I really wanted to have such a toy and take care of it.”

He plans on calling the chicken “Lola, and will shoot x-rated content with it as well.

Even with him doing all of this, Yuri is not forgetting about his initial wife. She will remain as “an older wife”, and Yuri has vowed to still “respect her”.

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