Dak Prescott’s Brother Has Fiery Response To Heavy Rumor That Cowboys Will ‘Release’ QB (TWEETS)

(Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

The Dak Prescott saga is ongoing for yet another offseason after the QB and the front office failed to come to terms on a long-term deal last year.

Dak played on a franchise tag, but got injured and missed the remainder of the year. Both sides now find themselves in the same spot this year.

105.3 The Fan’s Mike Bacsik decided he was going to add fuel to already crazy speculation by suggesting the Dallas Cowboys would be releasing Dak in June.

“I think there’s a possibility they release Dak Prescott in June,” Bacsik said. “I know something that nobody else knows and it’s very tough to keep my mouth shut on this. I’m just telling you, I know something, and the Cowboys know it too, and Dak knows it, too.”

Bacsik later attempted to calm the stir he created:

“I’m rooting for Dak to comeback healthy. I’ve prayed for Dak to be heeled by the hand of God. I want him to lead the Cowboys to a championship. I don’t hate Dak and I’m not trying to ruin his career. For those taking it that way, I’m sorry if I have presented it that way,” he tweeted Friday.

Prescott’s brother, Tad, heard the audio and made sure to give his reply to the nonsense:

“Just talk. I’d love for him to tell me what he knows, that no one else does. Dak isn’t in a boot, he’s walking without crutches, and last time I checked the Cowboys can’t release a free agent,” Tad Prescott tweeted.