Two Random Fans Managed To Sneak On Field At Fenway Park, Cops Investigating After They Snitch On Themselves (VIDEO)

This new generation simply does not know how to commit crimes without telling on themselves.

Boston police are investigating two men who filmed themselves sneaking into Fenway Park and having a great time with nobody there to stop them.

“We are on the baseball field at Fenway Park,” one of the invaders said in a TikTok video posted by the account @radekjaster. “Dude, this is crazy.”

As you can tell by the video below, the guys posted their video on TikTok, which has their user name and also makes it easier to find them.

The two ran around the field, mimicked a home run and fled after being confronted by security, according to WCVB.

As you may remember, another fan went super viral after he managed to climb onto the center-field wall during a fanless Red Sox-Yankees game back in September 2020.