Colin Cowherd Names All 8 NFL Teams That Are In His Exclusive ‘Clown Club’ (VIDEO)

Every year, you can point out which teams in the National Football League that are part of the elite club and those who are average to the downright terrible. For that final group of teams, Colin Cowherd decided to give them a special name.

The FOX Sports analyst listed listed the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Houston Texans, the Cincinnati Bengals, the Detroit Lions, the Washington Football Team, the New York Jets, the Cleveland Browns, and the Philadelphia Eagles as representatives of the NFL Clown Club.

His explanation:

“There are five signs that you are moving into the NFL Clown Club. 1. You start to have a lot of power struggles in the front office, and a lot of ego. 2. Generally, over the last 7 or 8 years you’ve fired a coach – Andy Reid – who you look back on and go ‘he’s a lot better than the current coach we have.’ 3. The quarterback situation feels unsettling and handled poorly too often. 4. There’s an unhealthy level of arrogance despite brief success. 5. Increasingly, you’re not a great drafting team. So even though you’re a bad team with good picks, you miss on a lot of picks.”

The Eagles have had a terrible fall from grace after winning the Super Bowl during the 2017 season. Carson Wentz regressed terribly to the point that the team was forced to bench him for a rookie QB and then ultimately trade him to the Indianapolis Colts.

Not to mention, the NFL world watched as they tanked their final game of the season for a higher draft pick, only to fire head coach Doug Pederson.

Even with all of that, I don’t think any franchise will be more of a clown club than the poorly run Houston Texans for reasons you are already aware of.