Youth Football Camp Kid Sends Out Apology On Twitter After Viral Video of Him Heckling Cam Newton (TWEET)

Things had gone from bad to worse for this kid.

Cam Newton and a young man got into a back-and-forth heated exchange at a football camp where the attendee was heckling Newton about being “a free agent” and Newton responded multiple times saying “I’m rich.”

The young camp attendee continued to rip Newton, saying that he was about to become poor, which drew laughs from others there, but ultimately backfried on the youngster in the hours since the video was put on social media.

Somebody dropped a lowlight of the player after the video surfaced:

Dez Bryant saw the video and reacted to it.

“Tag him (laughing emojis),” Dez Bryant said.

Apparently, social media identified the kid in the video disrespecting Cam Newton as Jseth Owens. He obviously did not get the reaction he thought he would, so he quickly deleted his entire Twitter account.

On Monday, the kid reactivated his Twitter account to send out an apology for his actions:

Newton, a three-time Pro Bowler, played the 2020 season with the New England Patriots, passed for 2,657 yards with eight touchdown passes and 10 interceptions.