Tad Prescott, Dan Orlovsky Get Into Heated Back-&-Forth On Twitter Over ‘Belittling’ of Dak (TWEETS)

Tad Prescott is very protective over his brother, as he should be. Dak never jumps on social media to defend himself, so his brother has basically is the one who is going to ride for him no matter what.

ESPN NFL analyst Dan Orlovsky is finding that out after he said the Dallas Cowboys shouldn’t overpay to re-sign Dak to a longterm deal.

“Don’t pay good players great player money,” Orlovsky said. “Dak Prescott is a good player. If the Cowboys pay him $40 million a year, it would be a grave mistake. They need to look at a situation like the Rams or like the Philadelphia Eagles and go, Oh, can we learn from maybe paying a guy too much money, so to speak, and how can they not become those two teams in two years from now?”

Tad saw those comments and pounced on him:

Prescott, a two-time Pro Bowl selection who was selected in the fourth round of the 2016 draft, threw for 1,856 yards in five games last season before suffering a season-ending ankle injury.