REPORT: Cowboys Find Prescott-Wilson Trade Rumor To Be ‘Laughable’ (VIDEO)

Apparently, the franchise tag, long-term contract back-and-forth between the front office and quarterback Dak Prescott wasn’t controversial enough, so now the team has been embroiled in talks about Russell Wilson.

The Seattle Seahawks hasn’t demanded a trade, but if one were to happen, he had a list of teams he would love to be traded to. One of them were the Cowboys.

Jane Slater of NFL Network says all of the talk can basically stop because she calls the idea of a Wilson-to Dallas deal “laughable.”

Slater listed several reasons why the idea is so farfetched:

“You had [Seahawks safety] Earl Thomas, a few years ago, who openly campaigned that he wanted to come to the Dallas Cowboys,” she reminded viewers. This was 2017-2018, when the Cowboys were arguably just a safety away from taking the next step.

“The Cowboys were ready to go all-in, and Seattle made it so costly that they didn’t.”

“Then you had [the Jets’] Jamal Adams,” Slater continued,” who also wanted to come to Dallas. Was also costly. The Cowboys were also, at that time, looking for just that one little piece. Seattle comes in, and they pick him up.”

“Not only do I not think this is happening,” Slater says, “I did go ahead and check that with one of my team sources. They equally found the scenario ‘laughable.’”