REPORT: Dak Prescott Trade Would Get Cowboys a Massive Return Of Draft Picks

(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

With a potential franchise tag on the horizon for Dak Prescott yet again, questions are starting to be asked of what type of value Dak Prescott could bring the Cowboys if he was traded?

Dallas Cowboys insider Bryan Broaddus cited multiple front-office sources and was told Prescott likely would garner two first-round draft picks.

“The early statements from these guys – everyone thinks you can get two (first-round picks) out of this, for sure,” Broaddus said Tuesday on 105.3 The Fan. “One guy thinks you might have to look at the deal (like the one Indianapolis did on the Carson Wentz trade), where you have to take a (second-round pick that could end up being a first-round pick based on Prescott’s performance). … I had one guy tell me if you get (two first-rounders), you might want to take that.”

Even still, Dak would still need to come in and sign the franchise tag and essentially agree to the blockbuster deal.

“To do [a tag-and-trade], they need a certain level of cooperation from Dak Prescott,” ESPN’s Adam Schefter explained last month. “He’s got to come in and sign that franchise tag knowing he’s being traded somewhere. If they had a deal worked out with somebody to a place where he didn’t want to go, what would be his incentive to sign that?

“This is, really, an unofficial no-trade tag that Dak Prescott has by getting the franchise tag, if indeed the Cowboys do put that tag on him. That would be his unofficial no-trade clause. They could not just trade him without his consent.”

March 9th is the final day to use the 2021 tag.