Former Bear Kyle Long Fuels Speculation That ‘Major Splash’ At QB Is On The Way (TWEETS)

The Chicago Bears have been connected to several different quarterbacks this offseason. The NFC North organization has been rumored to have trade interest in Russell Wilson or Deshaun Watson, which has led us to the below moment.

Kyle Long, who played in Chicago for the entirety of his seven-year career from 2013-2019, feels so good about what’s going on with the organization that he threw a massive nugget to the fan base on Twitter.

“Something tells me the bears are gonna make a massive splash (in a good way) the fans deserve it,” Long wrote on Thursday.

The Bears are one of the NFL’s oldest teams, yet can only look back to the the 1985 team that last made some actual noise in the league.

Mitch Trubisky and Nick Foles remain on the roster, but neither one of them are the signal callers that will propel the team to stardom. Wilson or Watson can do that.

“Everything is on the table in regards to the quarterback situation. That includes players on our roster, players in free agency, trade, the draft or a combination of all of those,” Pace said earlier this week. “We have a plan in place and now it’s about executing that plan.”

Only time will tell.