Brazil’s Miss Bumbum Contestants Write “Vaccinate Here” On Their Butts To Urge People To Get COVID Shot (PICS)

Covid-19 units in all but two of Brazil’s 27 states are at or above 80% capacity, according to a report from BBC.

The warning came as the country registered its highest daily death toll yet with 2,841 dying within 24 hours.

So, what is the best way to help people get out and get that vaccine, put the words on the butt of some sexy ladies. The Miss Bum Bum contestants are taking it upon themselves to encourage the population to get themselves vaccinated by writing “vaccinate here”, along with a square on their behinds.

Via TMZ:

“The stars of Brazil’s 2021 Miss Bumbum competition are trying to draw attention to the importance of getting vaccinated … by drawing even more attention to their assets.

The curvy candidates have tattooed their booties with “vaccinate here” as part of an initiative put in place by the organization running the contest.

..So, the women vying for the title of Brazil’s most beautiful butt are urging fans to get their shots, with one candidate saying, “We want our vaccine in the butt … we want everyone to be vaccinated.”

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