Andre Johnson Explains Why He Was Forced To Pummel Titans CB Cortland Finnegan in 2010 (VIDEO)

Andre Johnson was one of the quietest receivers in the NFL, but he was quite loud with his fists during one altercation against the Titans.

Johnson focused on the game and not the theatrics, which is why he ended up having to put hands on Tennessee Titans cornerback Cortland Finnegan on Nov. 28, 2010.

Johnson joined former All-Pro receiver Brandon Marshall on his podcast “I Am Athlete” to discuss why he exploded on him that day.

“No, it was just — that was like three years worth of stuff, man,” Johnson said. “It built up to that point, and it just happened.”

Johnson later said on the podcast that he warned Finnegan during the game that he was mic’d up and that, “you’re going to get yourself into something you don’t want to get into.”

Here’s that now iconic moment heard around the world:

The Texans won that game 20-0 on that day. Johnson finished with nine catches for 56 yards and a touchdown on 11 targets.