REPORT: Tiger Woods Was Driving Almost Double The Speed Limit At The Time of His Brutal Crash

The Masters is taking place this week, but the fans won’t be able to watch Tiger Woods compete as he continues to recover from the horrific accident that took place several weeks ago.

On Wednesday, TMZ Sports reported that the car crash was caused by excessive speed by Woods.

“Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … Tiger was driving 83 MPH in a 45 mph zone at the time of the crash. They say speed was the sole cause of the crash. We’re told Tiger waived his right of privacy and authorized the release of the accident report to the public.”

The report continues:

“Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ … Tiger was speeding when he lost control of his SUV and we’re told the Sheriff is hanging the cause of the accident squarely on speed.

We’re told the SUV’s black box shows Tiger actually accelerated at the time of the crash. We’re also told that just as Tiger lost control the SUV actually gained speed.

There’s more … law enforcement sources tell us, the Sheriff’s Dept. did not get a warrant to check Tiger’s cell phone to determine if he was on a call or texting at the time of the crash. Our sources say the Dept. felt it did not have probable cause to get a warrant for cell phone records, although that is often done in accident investigations.”

Authorities did not get a warrant to draw blood, as there was no probable cause to search for evidence that he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

TMZ also says Woods won’t face any charges or be issued any citations.