Homeless Guy Poses As USC Player For Days, Eats Meals, Hops In Jacuzzi, & Tried To Field Punts

(Photo by Winslow Townson/Getty Images)

Nothing will be crazier than this story for the remainder of this year.

A homeless guy recently posed as a player on the USC Trojans and only got busted several days later as he tried to field punts during practice last week.

Trojans Insider Scott Wolf got all the crazy details of what this guy exactly did for days at the facility.

“I’ve had several conversations with a USC campus security source the past 2 days and was told the following based on conversations with the imposter:

1.) The imposter actually shared a jacuzzi at the McKay Center with other football players.

2.) He ate at the football dining facility without issue.

3.) He also slept for some time at a suite in the Coliseum. He was known to USC security because he was caught at the soccer field (McAlister Field) on 30th Street and Hoover .”

“I’m not sure how he got into the McKay Center so easily,” a security source told Wolf last week. “That’s the question and the problem for me. He also shouldn’t even be on campus with the COVID-19 restrictions. We had a previous issue with him at the soccer field, so we knew who he was but he had never done something like this before.”

One of the biggest issues surrounding this as that the imposter got access to the McKay Center, which requires a fingerprint identification. It turns out the COVID-19 pandemic worked in his favor there, because finger print technology hasn’t been used as much and some doors are purposely being left cracked open by athletes to allow easy access.

“What gets me is the guts the guy had to just walk in like he belonged,” said the security source. “He must have been a cool customer in the McKay Center. If he hadn’t tried to return punts at practice, he might still be out there because they might not have noticed him.”