‘Blonde Bomber’ Ebanie Bridges Shows Off Her Massively Swollen Eye After Losing Title Fight (VIDEO)

Ebanie Bridges was trending on social media a lot as she headed into her WBA world female bantamweight title bout against British boxer Shannon Courtenay.

Bridges, known as the Blonde Bomber, came into the weigh in and face-off in Black Lace Lingerie after her opponent, Courtenay, had accused her Aussie opponent of “degrading” the sport.

When the two finally got in the ring, Courtenay defeated Bridges by unanimous decision to claim the WBA bantamweight title with scores of 97-94, 98-92 and 98-92.

Here’s how Bridges’ eye looked after that battle:

The left eye of Bridges had nearly swollen shut by the eighth, but she continued to battled instead of just quitting.