Larry Johnson Openly Mocks Tar Heels’ Hubert Davis For Saying He is ‘Proud His Wife is White’ (TWEET)

Former University of North Carolina star and longtime assistant Hubert Davis was recently announced as the new head coach of the UNC men’s basketball team. With his hire, Hubert became the first African American coach of the storied and blue blood program.

During his opening press conference, Davis took great pride in him making history, while adding that he was “also proud that his wife is white.” He also shared pride that his children were of mixed race.

“I know that in terms of Division 1 head coaches all around the country, only 26 percent of the head coaches are compromised by minorities, specifically African-Americans. I know that it is significant that I’m fourth African-American head coach in any sport in the history of North Carolina. I’m very proud to be African American. But I’m also very proud that my wife is white, and I’m very proud that my three beautiful, unbelievable kids are a combination of both of us,” Davis said.

Among the many people who had soemthing to say about that part of his press conference was Larry Johnson.

The former Kansas City Chiefs running back elected to mock Hubert for his statement:

“Hubert Davis Said:

“I’m black y’all, and I’m black y’all, And I’m blackety black and I’m black y’all And I’m black y’all, and I’m black y’all

And I’m blackety black and I’m black y’all, WHITE WIFE.”

The 50-year-old will succeed newly retired head coach Roy Williams.