Jordan Poyer’s Wife Rips Bills Stadium’s Proposed Vaccine For Entry, Posts Petition To Challenge It (TWEETS)

Rachel Bush is piping hot mad.

The wife of Buffalo Bills safety Jordan Poyer took to Twitter and eviscerated the idea of a potential vaccine requirement at Buffalo games next season, as she described the proposed plan as “bullshit.”

In his announcement, Erie County politician Mark Poloncarz made it clear it’s “the only safe way to have a full house” at the stadiums … adding, “No Vaccine = No Entry.”

Bush, who has had COVID-19, took to Twitter and went on a rampage.

“If Erie county wants to pull this bull s*** watch and see what happens,” Bush said.

She added, “[Poloncarz] does know that you can still contract covid once vaccinated and pass it to others still too right? Buffalo you better speak up before you lose a whole lot.”

“Coming from someone who had covid. This tweet >>> I would compare covid to the flu rather than a cold but couldn’t pay me to get the vaccine, especially after having it. It was bad. But not bad enough to turn myself into a lab rat for an experimental vaccine.”

“So now my daughter is missing ANOTHER year of watching her dad play live in a very short lived career. Not even an option available to her since we already know kids can’t get the covid vaccine. How is that fair or acceptable. It’s not. FL and TX would never.”

“I am alarmed by the amount of Americans that think it’s perfectly okay for the government to force an experimental vaccine on citizens. Very disturbed.”

“You know what’s comical to me? The amount of liberal Americans who always preach about acceptance yet are so quick to turn around and attack other Americans for having a different opinion and the desire for freedom. Y’all aren’t normal. For real, something wrong up there.”

“Here is the thing. If you can not function in society normally without getting an experimental vaccine…then there is no option, which means it’s forced. It’s their way or the highway and that is the exact opposite of freedom and a choice. We will continue to fight this.”

She even went as far to post a petition for Bills fans to sign that oppose the mandate.