Rachel Bush: Meet The IG Model And Wife Of Jordan Poyer

Rachel Bush Jordan Poyer wife
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Rachel Bush is one of those people who everyone has heard of, but they don’t really know how… Or why… Or what she is even famous for!

Currently, she is the wife of Buffalo Bills safety, Jordan Poyer, but she has been associated with a couple of different high profile athletes over the years. She really capitalized on her meteoric rise on social media and has made a nice life for herself!

But who was Rachel Bush before the 1.3 million plus Instagram followers? Why does it feel like we have heard about her oh so much over the years? Well, my friends, let’s dive into it here.

The Early Years of Rachel Bush

At first glance, I suppose you might not guess that Rachel was born and raised in a small town in upstate New York. She was born on November 1st, 1997 and lived in the area until college, when she moved south to attend Florida Atlantic University.  

Rachel Bush selfie
Rachel posts tons of images to Instagram (Photo via @rachelbush IG)

She has a rather exotic vibe that doesn’t really scream “Adirondack Mountain range,” but that is where her roots are.

In fact, this was where Rachel first started capitalizing on her good looks. She finished as a semifinalist in the 2014 Miss Teen New York pageant.

Once she moved to Florida her modeling and brand ambassador career exploded and she subsequently dropped out of school after one year to pursue it full time. And, well… All things considered, I think that was a good decision—as she has parlayed her prolific Instagram game into a great career and life for herself.

Rachel Bush, her Modelling, and Celebrity Status

Following her decision to leave Florida Atlantic University, Rachel Bush has built and developed a very successful career as a social media influencer and a model. Bush built a dedicated following of over 1.4 million people on Instagram by consistently posting sultry shots of her on the beach, by the pool, and in the gym.

Jordan Poyer's wife in bikini
Rachel has over one-million IG followers (Photo via @rachelbush IG)

Rachel recognized early that she had massive potential at Florida Atlantic, when a few pictures she had posted in a bikini garnered an ungodly amount of attention. She started to pick up followers left, right, and center. After she realized how much money could be made off monetizing her large fan base, she decided to forgo school and built a business around her looks.

Now that she’s truly established herself as one of the elite Instagram influencers in the business, she’s become quite prosperous.  She disclosed a small facet of her IG pricing structure to the Buffalo News, explaining that for her to highlight a product with a single post on her Instagram story, which disappears after 24 hours, Bush will charge a client a minimum of $5,000.

If you think that seems astronomical—don’t even think about trying to sponsor a permanent post on her Instagram page. That costs considerably more money.

From Model to Businesswoman

Just because Rachel Bush can charge an arm and a leg for promotion—does not mean she often does. Between the nest egg that she has built up over the years, which is rumored to be over $1 million, and her professional athlete husband, Jordan Poyer’s, lucrative contract—she is not exactly under the gun to be bringing in fast cash.

Rachel Bush courtside
Rachel sits courtside at a Heat game (Photo via @rachelbush IG)

Instead, Bush is focused on developing more traditional companies built around her expertise. In 2019, she formed her own LLC and released a series of products, both on her own and with partner organizations, including a line of branded shorts, workout leggings, resistance bands, and a fitness guide.

She’s also part of a company that manufacturers air fresheners that are supposed to represent the likeness of Instagram stars. While I can’t say I entirely love that idea, if it sells it sells… I guess.

Her younger sister told the Buffalo News that Rachel was always “the go-getter” type of person—and whether or not you like the influencer business or Bush herself, there is simply no denying that!

Enter Jordan Poyer, Rachel’s Husband

Rachel Bush and Jordan Poyer
Rachel is the wife of NFL safety Jordan Poyer (Photo via @rachelbush IG)

Although a lot of influencers tend to bounce around from celebrity relationship to celebrity relationship — Rachel Bush is not that kind of woman. She met her husband, Jordan Poyer, way back in her early days at Florida Atlantic when she was just a freshman.

She is not immune to stereotypes though, as the pair did meet in the DMs. Bush saw a meme comparing Poyer’s appearance to the NBA’s Steph Curry. She liked the post and then gave Poyer a follow. Apparently Poyer noticed Bush and her then six-figure following, and sent her a direct message.

Jordan Poyer has been a star on the Buffalo BIlls defense (Photo by Maddie Meyer / Getty Images)

At the time, Poyer was playing ball for the Cleveland Browns, so it took some time to blossom. But the following off-season, he and a teammate when down to Florida and palled around with Bush and her entourage.

Interestingly, Bush was actually in a relationship at the time. But she was stricken by Poyer and decided to end her previous relationship in favor of one with Jordan.

The Poyers have had their Ups and Downs

Poyer and Bush seem like the pinnacle of happiness now. They share a home in Orchard Park, near where Jordan now plays for the Buffalo Bills. They also have a happy little family together. The Poyers have an adorable little daughter, Aliyah, and Jordan is now close with Rachel’s parents, Mary and Tony.

bikini selfie jordan poyer wife
Rachel loves her selfies in bikinis (Photo via @rachelbush IG)

Rachel and Jordan did, however, have a rather public blow out in 2018. Ironically, it was the same year that they got married! There were a flurry of infidelity rumors swirling around the both of them. It got so bad that the public believed they were destined for Hollywood Divorce.

The couple appears to have mended those fences though. Both Jordan and Rachel Bush made remorseful public statements acknowledging their faults in the situation. They promised to be better for one another—and really, what more could you ask for?

Keep in mind, the couple met young, and while both were going through drastic life changes. That will put strain on any relationship, let alone one where both people garner so much publicity on their own!

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