Charissa Thompson Broke Down Crying Describing How Fox Sports Handled Her Nude Photos Leaking Out (VIDEO)

Intimate photos and videos from long ago had been stolen from Charissa Thompson’s cloud account, and the former ESPN and current Fox Sports personality was thrown into the public spotlight.

Thompson had no warning when nude photos hit the world wide web in January 2018.

“The way I equate is someone came into my home, robbed my home of all its possessions, put it out in the cul-de-sac right in front of me, and I had to buy all of it right back to put back in my house,” she said during a podcast with The Athletic.

The photos did no professional damage, as Fox executives remained firmly in her corner. While speaking with Jalen Rose — Thompson broke down crying as she explained how Fox Sports treated her after the photos came out.

“This is where Fox is so incredible.”

Thompson wasn’t scheduled to work the NFC championship game, but they put her on a plane to Philadelphia, where the Eagles defeated the Minnesota Vikings to advance to Super Bowl 52.

“I just was with them and they were so wonderful to me,” she told Jalen Rose. “And, so, I’ll never forget that, that even though most people, like people make comments like, ‘Oh, how are you still employed after that’ … Instead, my employer wrapped their arms around me and they’re like, ‘We got you.’”

Fast forward to the 8:50 mark: