New Surveillance Footage Shows Aaron Donald Actually Trying To Stop The Assault (VIDEO)

Well what do you know? Based on some newly released surveillance footage, it appears as though Aaron Donald was actually trying to prevent an assault, rather than taking part in one.

Earlier this week it was revealed that Donald was being investigated for assault after charges were filed following a claim from DeVincent Spriggs that the Rams defensive lineman jumped him after they bumped into each other at the Boom Boom Room in Pittsburgh over the weekend.

Spriggs’ lawyer has since gone on to claim that Donald broke his client’s nose and gave him 16 stitches as a result of the altercation, but new footage is now suggesting that Donald was actually trying to play peacemaker throughout the melee.

Here’s a look at the video, where you can see a man getting assaulted on the floor. After a few seconds, Donald can then be seen coming into the picture as he tries to stop the brutal assault.

Donald’s defense attorney also made mention of the video while providing details on exactly what he he and his client claimed had unfolded on that evening.

One thing’s for sure: This footage should definitely help keep Donald out of jail, and on the football field.