Nick Saban Trolled His Own Player For Throwing A Horrific Pass During Spring Scrimmage (VIDEO)

Nick Saban is a man who is always on 10 when it comes to being serious about football, but he sometimes can let loose and show a different side to himself to his young players.

During today’s Crimson Tide spring scrimmage, he showed that when junior wide receiver Slade Bolden received a pitch in the backfield on a trick play, but his attempt to throw it to a teammate fell short.

“Slade! I could throw it behind my back better than that,” the legendary coach said.

Looking at the replay, the WR actually made the perfect play as the ball was likely to either get intercepted, or if caught, his teammate was going to get blown up by an incoming defender.

Bolden finished the national championship-winning season as the sixth leading receiver on the team with 270 yards.

His one touchdown of the 2020 season came in the Tide’s 52-24 championship victory over Ohio State.