Jameis Winston Gives Passionate Speech To Youth Football Camp, Says He Went From #1 Pick To NFL Laughingstock (VIDEO)

Jameis Winston has a golden opportunity to revitalize his NFL career if he can win the New Orleans Saints starting quarterback job. He will be competing against Taysom Hill, but he clearly has the edge with his prior experience with the Tampa Bay Bucs.

Winston is taking his second chance seriously as he revealed in a passionate speech to the youth football players at the inaugural Kenny Shaw RAW Football Camp.

“I went from being the No. 1 draft pick to everybody laughing at me. But guess what? I’m about that business,” Winston said.

“I’m outworking everyone at my position — I know Dak (Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott) is right there (Prescott was also at the camp). I’m doing things every single day committing to the dream, because that’s the thing. We have to go back to being little kids about this football game.”

“This is a kids game that men play…I encourage each and every one of you to have faith in yourself. Above any coach, any teammate, any friend that you have. Some days you’re on top of the world, but only God and yourself know what you are going through. Trust in the Lord first and foremost, then trust in yourself.”

Winston played five seasons for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers before landing in New Orleans. His biggest issue is turning the ball over at a high rate, but he has since gotten his eyes corrected to help with the problem.

“I look at every day is an opportunity to get better to be the best quarterback that can be and that’s how I’m approaching this opportunity,” Winston said in a conference call last month. “Because I know I’m a winner, I know I love to play some football and I’m ready to lead this team and serve this team any way that I can.

“So we can win football games and bring some excitement to the city. I know people in the city got the same love and passion that I got. I know that, so I’m excited. That’s why I hope we can get some fans (back). I hope we can get some normalcy back in that city. Because I know that city is going to stand up and I’m ready.”