Irate Head Coach Sucker Punches Parent During Youth Football Game (VIDEO)

Youth sports can be chaotic in nature dealing with parents wanting their child to get all the playing time as humanly possible. This time around, it’s actually a coach that is behaving badly.

Police are investigating an incident at a youth flag football where a head coach sucker-punched a parent on the sideline, according to the local NBC affiliate in Michigan.

The irate coach could be seen in the below video screaming at officials and then being escorted off the field at an indoor facility in Niles, Mich.

The guy to have a very brief exchange with a parent before making a fist and delivering a punch to the face that knocked the parent off his feet.

Several other parents and coaches jumped in to break up the altercation as one child could be heard crying out of fear.

“The victim, the person who got punched, came to the police department to report that he was assaulted and apparently the coach didn’t like how this spectator was looking at him,” Niles police Capt. Kevin Kosten told WNDU.

“He referenced that maybe he was smiling at the coach and so this coach just happened to punch him, sucker-punch him, which to me means punch him in the face. There’s definitely a possibility that he could be charged with assault and battery. Some of that will certainly be up to the victim, but assault and battery would be an appropriate charge in this case.”

Ed Salvagni, a parent who posted the video to social media, told the station that he pulled his son out of Midwest Performance Academy when he saw coaches acting out of control.

“He wasn’t the only bad coach there, there was others. That’s why I pulled out because I just saw it,” Salvagni said. ”We are all passionate. I’ve been known to be fiery as a baseball coach with youth kids, but you have to have a level of restraint. You can’t be that amped up to where you would assault a parent, or a bystander, anybody in front of children.”