Jake Paul Blasts Dana White For Not Paying His Fighters Their Fair Share (TWEET)

Jake Paul has now responded back to what Dana White had to say recently.

Following the conclusion of UFC 261 on Saturday night, White spoke to the media and was asked about Paul’s success in boxing.

“Do you know what would happen to this guy – he ain’t fighting in the UFC,” White said. “You’re getting me fucking talking about this guy again. He’s getting handpicked opponents, and god knows what else is going on with that whole fucking thing. There is a market for that. That’s not what I do.

“People want to see that, and it’s great, and this kid’s going to make a couple bucks before this ride is over. It’s just not what I do. What I do is what happened tonight. What happened tonight is we sold this place out and it was packed, and the numbers that you’re hearing that they did are full of shit. They’re full of shit. They didn’t pull those kind of numbers. At all. Not even f*cking close. Tonight, what happened here tonight is what I do. The best versus the best.”

Paul eventually got wind of the comments and dropped several truth bombs right back at White, most notably, mentioning how he doesn’t pay his fighters what they deserve.

“Dana [White] you claimed you would bet $1M on me losing. Set up [Ben] Askren to train with Freddie Roach… gave him full access to UFCPI… and he still got his ass handed to him. Seems like you are the real douche… not Ariel. In my 3rd fight, I made more [sic] in total pay than any fighter in UFC history. Maybe it’s time to pay your fighters their fair share. No wonder they all want to get into boxing. Dana you say you make the fights fans want to see… so hurry up and make Jones vs. Ngannou. Pay them their fair share… $10M purse for each guy, plus PPV. Why are UFC fighters so underpaid vs. boxers? Why did I make more in my 3rd fight than all but two (Khabib [Nurmogomedov] & Conor [McGregor]) UFC fighters have in history? I know why…

Paul, who knocked out Askren in stunning fashion last week, was cageside for UFC 261 in Jacksonville. His presence caught the attention of UFC commentator and former two-division champion Daniel Cormier, who had to be separated from him.

To say there’s no love lost between these two might be an understatement.