Bettor Dropped An Insane $29,900 Wager On Trevor Lawrence Being Drafted No. 1 Overall By Jacksonville

(Photo by Logan Bowles/NFL via Getty Images)

The things people do to make a small amount of cash with sports betting has just gotten crazier.

One degenerate gambler really must’ve needed $60 to add to his thousands because somebody actually dropped $29,900 on Trevor Lawrence to be selected No. 1 overall in the NFL Draft by the Jacksonville Jaguars. As you know, Lawrence has been the consensus No. 1 overall draft pick ever since he took over the starting job with the Clemson Tigers his freshman year.

Of course, he was selected and the guy won $59.80.

That wasn’t even the biggest bet on Lawrence as one person dropped a $50,000 bet on NFL commissioner Roger Goodell calling the former Clemson Tigers quarterback’s name first. That person actually came away would good cash as he caught Lawrence at -1250 and will net $4,000 off his $50,000 bet.

PointsBet’s top three bets that were also on Lawrence.

$18,000 to win $180.
$15,500 to win $155.
$8,500 to win $85.

Free money is free money.