Yankees Fans Chant ‘F–k Your B-Day’ To Jose Altuve Who Later Hits Massive 3-Run Homer To Quiet The Crowd (VIDEO)

What a day for Jose Altuve!

The New York Yankees fan base had been giving the Houston Astros star absolute hell for 2 games so far in a 3-game series. On Thursday, it was his birthday and Yankees fans sung him a special song to show how much he means to them.

It was all fun and games until Jose Altuve came to the plate in the top of the 8th-inning and hit a three-run go-ahead homer to shut the crowd up.

Check out the fan posted video where the crowd could be heard chanting ‘cheater’ at him right before that bomb:

The Astros won the game 7-4 to salvage a win in the series.