Chinese Businessman Purchases Soccer Team Just To Force The Coach To Play His 273LB Son (VIDEO)

He Shihua recently became the principle shareholder at second-division side Zibo Cuju, who won promotion last term. The 35-year-old Chinese millionaire is making a huge impact on his new club, but not in a positive way.

According to TUDN, Shihua gave himself the #10 shirt, which is traditionally given to the team’s best, or most creative, player. At the start of May, Shihua subbed himself into a game during the 0-0 draw with rivals Sichuan Jiuniu. He reportedly made little impact as he barely touched the ball.

On top of that, he is forcing the coach of the team to play his son, who is said to weigh “19-and-a-half stone,” which is around 273 pounds.

His son is now starting every game after head coach Hongyi Huang was ordered to make it happen.