Logan Paul Walks To Ring With $300K Pokeman Charizard Card Around His Neck (VIDEO + TWEETS)

Logan Paul may have started a new trend tonight.

The YouTuber/Boxer made his way to the ring for his fight against Floyd Mayweather with an extremely rare first edition shadowless base set Charizard Pokeman card attached to a chain around his neck. And as the icing on the cake, the card has been graded a 10 by Beckett Grading Services.

Estimated value of the card? Over $300,000, with some even believing it could fetch half-a-million if put up for auction.

Have a look:

In may of this year, a first edition shadowless Charizard that was graded a 10 by PSA sold on eBay for $311,800 to an unknown bidder. And another sold in April for $349,995.

Considering the fact that BGS 10 cards are considered even rarer than PSA 10s (and typically sell for much more), it’s not unreasonable to assume that Logan was actually wearing a half-a-mille around his neck prior to this fight.

Here are some of the reactions from Twitter: