Last Chance U Football Players: Where Are They Now?

last chance u where are they now

Last Chance U has been a success since it made its debut on Netflix in 2016. From E.M.C.C. to I.C.C. to Laney, viewers have seen their share of talent rise from the ranks of junior college football.

If you’re wondering what happened to your favorite players when the bright lights turned off after football, get ready because we’re going to provide you with a Last Chance U: Where Are They Now guide.

Get ready to kick off because some of the places these players have ended up might shock you.

‘Last Chance U’ Season One: Where Are They Now?

In season one, there were several standouts, but none like the personality of defensive tackle Ronald Ollie. Although Ollie was a huge part of the E.M.C.C. defense, once the show ended, he transferred to Nichols State to finish his last season of eligibility.

After finishing this season, he entered the N.F.L. draft and wasn’t drafted. He did end up on the practice squad for the Oakland Raiders but got cut soon after. As of, 2020 Ollie found himself on the roster of the Toronto Argonauts.

last chance u football

Another of the Last Chance U players we all had our eye on was John Franklin III. His mindset was geared towards getting making it back to the D1 stage, and after leaving E.M.C.C., he did just that. 

Franklin became an Auburn University War Eagle. This didn’t last long for him and he ended up transferring in 2017 to F.A.U. After his time at F.A.U., he traded in his Q.B. position to become a defensive back and found a spot on the Chicago Bears professional team.

As of 2020, he is a Tampa Bay Buccaneer. The last player of season one was D.J.Law.

With impeccable skills, he gained the coach’s attention at U.A.B. After making the decision to move to the program, he continued to have issues with a knee injury depicted on Last Chance U.

Law didn’t make a debut on the field for U.A.B. because of issues he had in the classroom.

Season Two

The first update we have to give you regarding the second season of Last Chance U players is about Isaiah Wright. In 2017, after leaving the E.M.C.C. program because of persisting injuries, he found himself behind bars charged with criminal homicide.


Before getting arrested, Wright was set to attend U.W.G. but withdrew before the season began. He was acquitted of his charges, and as of 2019, he got his chance to play for the Alcoa Alloys football program.

Dakota Allen had an uplifting story to share with viewers during his time on the show. He always seemed to look on the bright side of things at all times. The former Texas Tech player was removed from the roster after being charged with burglary and found himself at E.M.C.C.

In 2017, after finishing at E.M.C.C., he made his way back to Texas Tech and became a huge contributor to the team. After his time there, he entered the N.F.L. Draft and landed a four-year contract with the Los Angeles Rams after being drafted in the seventh round.

He is now with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Season Three

From season three’s Last Chance U alumni group, how could we not talk about Malik Henry. The standout Q.B. could never seem to get on the same page with his coaches, largely due to his attitude. 

He was brought back on season four of the show in 2018 but would be dismissed shortly after. Because of this, he decided it was time to transfer to a small school in Nevada.

last chance u where are they now

He did this because even with all the talent he showed during filming and the football season, he didn’t receive offers from Power 5 schools the way he talked about throughout the season. Another talented player for the team was Kerry Buckmaster.

Football was his way of escaping a tumultuous home life, even so, Buckmaster continued to work on having a relationship with his dad. During the show, he did sustain a shoulder injury, but that wouldn’t be enough to keep him on the sidelines because he transferred to a school in Texas.

In 2019 he was listed on the roster for West Texas A&M.

Season Four

Season three was so good we had to come back for season four to see what kind of talent the team would turn out this time. The first thing you’ve got to know about season four has nothing to do with the team and more to do with the coach.

Jason Brown resigned because abusive messages he’d sent to a German player about Hitler became public. Enough about the coaches; let’s talk about Bobby Bruce. Bruce was a quiet, but impressive talent that had several issues off the field.

Indy Football

What could’ve been an impressive season for him ended with him being dismissed from campus for robbery. He continued to find trouble as he moved back home to Florida.

However, he managed to outrun trouble for a little while when he found a spot on the Manatee Neptune’s. As of right now, their roster does not list him as a team member. 

Markiese King was one of the wide receivers featured in season 4 and made quite an impression on viewers. After leaving the community college, he committed to play at Lamar University. 

The academic coaches stressed the importance of focusing on academics to be able to suit up, but it seems King didn’t take this seriously because, in 2019, he was ruled ineligible. As of now, King is looking for an opportunity to get back on the field wherever he can.

Last Chance U: Where Are They Now?

last chance u where are they now

While we would like to update you on all the Last Chance U players, there’s not enough time. Although some players took us on a rollercoaster ride, it’s safe to say that some of them truly achieved their dreams.

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