Social Media Destroys The Insanely Terrible Graphics On New Madden 22 Trailer (VIDEO)

This is the first look fans are getting at the gameplay of Madden 22 and the reviews are not good.

The “two goats” image in the teaser dropped earlier this week has turned out to ring true, as both Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes will grace the cover of Madden 22.

In the trailer, EA showed Matthew Stafford throwing an interception to Jeff Okudah of the Lions. After the pick, it shows Sean McVay slamming his play sheet to the ground in frustration.

Not only that, it also showed Stafford’s hand going right through the ball as well.

Fans were not feeling the graphics at all.

We also found out today that Madden 22 is scheduled for an August 20, 2021 release date.