Social Media Responds To Vice TV Airing ‘Fear of a Black Quarterback’ Special With Jemele Hill, Shaun King (TWEETS)

Vice TV is getting set to air “Vice Versa: Fear of a Black Quarterback,” and a trailer has just been dropped showing the likes of Donovan McNabb, Warren Moon, and Jemele Hill.

On top of those three, “Fear of a Black Quarterback” also features Akili Smith, Vince Young, Shaun King, Quincy Carter and Marlin Briscoe. The film “provides an inside look into McNabb’s NFL experiences and the hardships and discrimination Black players in this position have faced,” in Vice TV’s own words.

Social media had a lot to say about this.

The documentary will also shed light on the league’s complicated history around race and the quarterback position.

“I’m honored to be a part of something that will allow people to see the full scope of what myself and so many other Black quarterbacks faced on a daily basis while we were in the league,” McNabb said in a statement. “I think about Warren Moon and other guys who paved the way for me, now it’s my turn to push the conversation around race, culture and different biases in the NFL forward so that having a Black kid in the quarterback position in the future won’t be such an anomaly.”