Packers WR Devin Funchess Gets Exposed As A Deadbeat Dad By His Baby Mama On Father’s Day (PICS)

Devin Funchess did not have a god Father’s day… least on social media.

According to WAGS, the mother of his child took to her Instagram story and called him out for being a deadbeat dad. She did so after his latest post on Father’s Day that had people praising him.

“Weird. Delusional,” she wrote on one post.

“I stay quiet about a lot of stuff, but don’t play with me about my kid. And anybody telling this boy happy Father’s Day is a whole clown. Y’all are weird.”

Funchess has since turned off all comments on the post.

After opting out of the 2020 season, Funchess will finally get his opportunity to impress in Matt LaFleur’s offense this year. He also only played in one game in 2019 for the Indianapolis Colts due to injury. He caught three passes for 32 yards in that game for the Colts almost two years ago.

Back in 2017, he was targeted 111 times, catching 63 for 840 yards and eight touchdowns.