David Wells Hates Umpires, Thinks Players Should Be Able To Punch One of Them Every Game (VIDEO)

David Wells really dislikes Umpires, even with him retired and all.

The former New York Yankees pitcher recently appeared on a Barstool Sports podcast and was asked which unwritten rule that he would like to get rid of.

Wells wasted no time in bringing up his hatred for Umpires.

Jared: “Which unwritten rule in baseball would you nix?”

David Wells: “Right now with the game going…..I mean…I hate umpires. I’d have to find something we could do away with with these umpires. I mean, they just….you know what we should do is you should be able to bump them and do whatever. Actually you should be able to punch one of them if you want. Because there are a couple guys I wanted to punch over time. But you know, with the umpires they ruin the game I think. They’re right a majority of the time and theres some great umpires, don’t get me wrong. But its those ones that are douchebags, we should have free will at them.”

Wells played 21 seasons in Major League Baseball for nine teams, most notably the Toronto Blue Jays and New York Yankees. Nicknamed “Boomer”, Wells was considered one of the league’s top left-handed pitchers during his career and made three All-Star appearances.

Wells went 68-28 in 123 starts over his four seasons with the Yankees, throwing a perfect game and winning a World Series in 1998. A three-time All-Star, he finished 239-157 with a 4.19 ERA over a 21-year big league career.