Dwyane Wade Points Out Glaring Hypocrisy Over People Judging Sha’Carri Richardson Over Marijuana Suspension (TWEET)

Former NBA star Dwyane Wade is supporting Olympic sprinter Sha’Carri Richardson after the runner was suspended from the Toyko games after testing positive for marijuana.

The American sprinter apologized Friday morning for testing positive for the banned substance.

The former Miami Heat star jumped in on the conversation after a sports analyst posted a message saying, “It’s legal to recreationally smoke weed in 19+ states, including the one where Richardson tested positive, while the NFL, NBA, and MLB have softened their stance. But we’re still going to stop an Olympian from competing due to a non-performance-enhancing drug? Makes no sense.”

Wade agreed, responding, “But a majority of y’all rule-makers smoke and probably are investors in THC companies. Let’s stop playing these games.”

He also made his position known by re-tweeting several messages including, “Weed is NOT performance-enhancing” and “Sha’Carri Richardson broke a rule. And it’s ridiculous weed has this stigma. Both things can be true. She handled this entire ordeal like an adult and accepted complete responsibility. The conversation now should be about athlete’s mental health and improving that response.”

He continued, “In a world where people are literally making millions upon millions growing and selling it! Y’all ever heard of a fine?”

Richardson appeared on The ‘Today Show’ where she apologized for the dirty test. “As much as I’m disappointed I know that when I step on the track I represent not only myself, I represent a community that has shown great support, great love … I apologize for the fact that I didn’t know how to control my emotions or deal with my emotions during that time,” she said.