Full Police Report For Richard Sherman Arrest Released: Claims he “Threatened Suicide” and “Tried To Grab a Firearm From An Officer” (PICS)

(Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

More and more details are emerging from the Richard Sherman arrest. And now that we have a complete copy of the police report, piecing together the events of this crazy ordeal is finally becoming possible.

In the report, which appears to have been written by the K9 officer, Sherman had been “bear maced” by his family members earlier. And despite the officers’ attempt to reason with Sherman and arrest him without issue, the free agent corner resisted, “threatened suicide by cop,” and “tried to grab a firearm from an officer” at one point.

According to the report, the bear mace had little effect on Sherman:

“Sherman had been ‘bear maced’ by family members while he attempted to force open the front door to the residence. Although he was flushing his eyes out during our arrival, the mace appeared to have little to no effect.”

The report also details how the responding officers chose not to use other less-lethal tools to take Sherman down because they felt like they would either cause extreme harm, or would not be effective.

“Although less-lethal shotguns were deployed, the stand-off distance to Sherman was far too close, thereby making these tools useless. To have deployed a less-lethal bean bag at such a close range would have caused extensive injury therefore this less-lethal tool was not an option.”

Sherman was eventually taken down by officers with the help of a K9 (which apparently bit a few officers before getting a hold of Sherman). He was eventually handed four charges, including burglary domestic violence.

Here’s the entire police report:

Sherman is also being investigated for hit-and-run and DUI. Prior to his arrest, he was seen trying to break down the door of his father-in-law’s home.

He was released without bail by a judge on Thursday and is expected to reappear in court on Friday.