Fans Erupt In Cheers After ‘Trump Won’ Banner Gets Ripped Down At Tropicana Field (VIDEO)

There are just an insanely amount of people who can not only accept the results of the 2020 election, they want everybody to know about it every second of everyday.

This week, the Tampa Bay rays lost badly at home to the Baltimore Orioles, but there was at least one thing worth cheering about at Tropicana Field.

A few fans snuck in a massive Trump Won banner to interrupt the game, but it was pulled down by a guy down below and the fans erupted in cheers.

The group responsible claimed victory after showing a screenshot of the flag drop, and says a lawsuit is on the way, because of “discrimination.”

“That is a clear case of discrimination,” wrote the group. “And they bought tickets. You took their money! That’s theft too! Get ready for the biggest pain in the butt lawsuit you’ve ever had to deal with !!!! You will have to spend lots of money just to make it go away. And for what? The flag was dropped anyway!!!!

Apparently, the fans got their precious flag back.

Several weeks ago, Major League Baseball banned another fan from all stadiums after a series of such flag displays.