Miss BumBum Suzy Cortez Honors Lionel Messi By Getting ‘Anal Tattoo’ (PICS)

The two-time Miss BumBum champion is revealing some new ink in honor of Lionel Messi.

Since going viral for her famous assets back in 2015, the 31-year-old hasn’t been shy about her feelings towards the FC Barcelona legend.

The model unveiled her latest tattoo of the star for winning the trophy with his country earlier this month. She shared photos of the ink where she had it done in her intimate regions on her OnlyFans profile.

See those pictures below:

The bombshell is not quiet about her love for the forward as she said “My history with Barcelona started when I went there on an exchange programme and ended up staying there for six years.

“It was there that my love for the Barcelona team and Messi began.”