An Upset Bruce Arians Unloads On Media Over Colored Wristbands: ‘Know The F—ing Rules’ (VIDEO)

The f-bombs were dropping like crazy from Bruce Arians.

The Tampa Bay Bucs head coach responded to multiple reports that the team was using colored wristbands to identify vaccinated and unvaccinated players — yellow for the unvaccinated, red for those finished with the process. Also, the reports stated the team was forcing players to wear them at practice.

Arians was agitated about the reports and decided to clear some things up in a profane way.

Earlier this week, it was reported that Arians will “fine any unvaccinated player who breaks a COVID-19 protocol $14k without a warning,” per Rick Stroud.

“He says unvaccinated players will tested 140 times. He estimates vaccinated players will be tested 14 times.”

Arians hopes to hit the 85-percent threshold around the time of the Buccaneers’ roster cuts.