REPORT: Terrell Suggs’s Ex-Wife Brought Double-Bladed Knife To Capitol, Got Framed as Antifa

Candace Williams, ex-wife of NFL star Terrell Suggs, was said to have marched on the Capitol with a large, double-bladed knife, which she brandished outside the Capitol during a conflict with other demonstrators, according to The Daily Beast.

Ali Alexander and his organization ‘Stop The Steal’ pointed out and uploaded pictures of seven men and one woman it accused of being infiltrators who lured unsuspecting “patriots” into the Capitol. Candace Williams was on that list, and although she has not been accused of a crime or entered the capitol, the FBI has released wanted posters with her face.

“Though she remains a Donald Trump supporter, she said the suspicious treatment she received from some of her comrades has turned her off MAGA-type Trumpists.”

Internet detectives and Trump supporters have actually found video of her with a knife in hand.

Williams can be heard arguing with people who want to enter the building. “The people you want are not in there,” she shouts. People nearby respond with alarm.

“She has a knife and a taser,” someone announces.

“Put the knife away,” another calls out. “Are you crazy?”

“That’s the scariest person of the day right there. Some lady with a knife. She’s freaking out.”

In another video posted days after the Capitol attack, Williams told another pro-Trump vlogger that she’d gotten in an argument with men in Trump hats who wanted to enter the building.

“I told them, ‘No, stop telling people that. The people you want are gone. They took them down to underground tunnels or whatever,’” Williams recalled. “He said, ‘Shut up, bitch.’ When he said, ‘Shut up, bitch,’ he then proceeds to jump down and get in my face.”

Williams said the man took a swing at her. “When he did that, I decided, as I should have because I’m a woman—now mind you, I had my gun, I had a knife, and I had throw knives. When he swung on me, I decided to pull out Bessie,” she said in the Jan. 10 video.

Williams told The Daily Beast she was not carrying a gun on Jan. 6, just a knife.