Terry Kennedy Charged With 1st-Degree Murder, Family Sues Skateboarder For Wrongful Death

Professional skateboarder Terry Kennedy has been charged with first-degree murder after a man he allegedly attacked in an Illinois motel succumbed to his injuries and tragically passed away.

The one-count charge levied against the 36-year-old athlete was filed on August 2, 2021, and alleges that “on or about the hour of 11:05 AM on or about the 27th of July, 2021 in the County of DuPage, State of Illinois, Terry Kennedy committed the offense of Murder-1st Degree-Probability of Death in violation of 720 ILCS 5/9-1(a)(2).”

The family of the man who Terry Kennedy allegedly murdered is now suing him, according to TMZ.

“In new court docs, Josiah Kassahun’s estate claims Kennedy beat the hell out of Kassahun at a Comfort Suites in Illinois on July 27, and did nothing to help him afterward.

Kassahun’s family says Kennedy hit Kassahun, which caused him to fall to the ground and land on his head.

The family goes on to say in the docs that Kennedy kept hitting Kassahun while he was on the ground, and then did not get him medical attention after he had finished the attack.

Kassahun’s family says Kassahun later died on July 31 from injuries he suffered in the altercation.

The estate is suing Kennedy and says the damages exceed $50,000, the docs show.”

According to prosecutors, Kennedy allegedly “without legal justification punched Josiah Kassahun in the head causing him to fall to the ground and hit his head on the pavement and then kicked him in the torso, knowing such acts created a strong probability of great bodily harm to Josiah Kassahun, thereby causing the death of Josiah Kassahun, contrary to the form of the statute in such case made and provided and against the peace and dignity of the People of the State of Illinois.”

The Cook County Medical Examiner confirmed that Josiah Kassahun died from “blunt force trauma to the head due to assault” and the manner of death has been ruled a “homicide.”

Kennedy allegedly told arresting police officers: “I will kill one of you police. We kill police where I’m from.”