Maria Sharapova: Where’s The Tennis Star Today?

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Every tennis fan knows the name Maria Sharapova, but it may not be a name you’ve heard in a while. It has been about a year since this legend retired at the age of only thirty-two years old. Then again, if you started a legendary tennis career at the age of fourteen, you’d retire early, too!

The truth is, this former athlete can afford to retire. Maria Sharapova has a net worth of approximately 180 million dollars, and most tennis fans would agree that she has earned it after a spectacular career on the court. 

But who exactly is Maria Sharapova as a person, and where is the tennis star now? If you’re curious about the athlete’s whereabouts in 2021, read on to learn about her past, present, and future. 

Maria Sharapova’s Career Highlights 

Why do you know the name “Maria Sharapova?” Even if you don’t follow tennis closely, this female tennis legend has made enough waves in the world of sports that you’ve definitely heard of a few of her accomplishments. 

Her greatest accomplishment was probably the act of making it to the number one spot in the singles world rankings in 2005. She would spend four years of her career at number one, and twelve years in the top ten. 

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Sharapova was such a force in singles tennis that she won the Grand Slam on five separate occasions throughout her career. She won two at the French Open, in addition to winning at the US Open, Wimbledon, and the Australian Open. 

Even if you never followed tennis, you might have seen her in Sports Illustrated, where posed in the 2006 swimsuit issue. Maria Sharapova’s height is a whopping six-foot-two, so it’s no wonder that she made an attractive model. 

All About Maria Sharapova 

Maria has been a permanent citizen in America since 1994, though she started her life in Russia in 1987. She began to play while still living in Russia, holding her first racquet at the tender age of only four years old. 

Her entire family immigrated to the United States specifically to support Maria’s tennis career, and that turned out to be a great move. She began attending the IMG Academy at the age of only nine years old and received a full scholarship once her talent became evident. 

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She would make her debut in the world of professional tennis at the age of fourteen, and by 2003 had completed her first full professional season. Her first professional wins would be that same year, at the Bell Challenge and the Japan Open Tennis Competition. 

It was 2004 when Maria really hit her stride, claiming her first Grand Slam at the age of only seventeen. This was no small feat, as she had to win against both Lindsey Davenport and Serena Williams to take the title. She was the third youngest athlete to ever win a Wimbledon title. 

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Maria Sharapova’s Tennis career would proceed, and she would ultimately become the 10th woman in history to win all four of the major events in the world of professional tennis. 

Maria retired from the sport in 2020 after suffering from a variety of arm and shoulder issues that were affecting her play. Upon her retirement, Forbes estimated Sharapova’s career earnings to be approximately $325 million.

Where Is Maria Sharapova Now?

It was difficult for Maria to leave tennis behind after a lifetime in the sport, but about a year has passed since she announced her retirement in a Vanity Fair article. In the article, she discussed looking forward to spending more time with family, travel, and perhaps giving dancing a try. 

Does Maria Sharapova Have a Husband?

Maria Sharapova is dating British businessman Alexander Gilkes. Her husband-to-be is actually an art dealer. And, yes you read that correctly. Sharapova and Gilkes are currently engaged to be married. She announced her engagement on the official Maria Sharapova Instagram.

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Gilkes is 41 years old, and the two seem to be very much in love. While Alexander may not be a literal prince, the Brit does have royal connections. He is good friends with Prince William and had a prior marriage to designer Misha Nonoo.

Have you heard that name before? Nonoo is often credited with the blind date that resulted in Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s relationship. 

If you’re confused, it might be because Maria was engaged in the past. She had a brief engagement to Sasha Vujacic, a basketball player. 

Business Endeavors

While Maria Sharapova can probably afford to well and truly retired, the ambitious athlete decided to give running a business a try. She opened the candy company Sugarpova in 2013, which is now her main venture. 

Sugarpova is a unique brand, in that it promotes moderation. The candy is Non-GMO, and available worldwide. 

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This success likely wasn’t a fluke – in between titles, Sharapova found time to study management and leadership at Harvard University. While it’s funny to imagine a world-class athlete peddling chocolate and gummies, Sharapova is a lifelong lover of sweets, and Sugarpova is her passion project. 

She’s been dabbling in more than candy, however, Most recently, Sharapova has released a minimalistic furniture collection in collaboration with Rove Concepts. The six-piece collection is currently featured in the home she shares with fiance Alexander Gilkes. 

On Television

These days, Maria Sharapova even has a few television credits under her belt. She has appeared in Oceans 8, Billions, and The Morning Show. She has even played herself as a guest shark on the popular Shark Tank television program. 

Maria Sharapova’s Legacy

You cannot deny that Maria Sharapova has accomplished a lot in her lifetime. And she doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. If you are excited about what might be coming next for the athlete, Maria Sharapova tweets regularly. And based on some of her recent Tweets, she seems to currently be enjoying the Tokyo Olympics! 

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