6’3″ Audi Crooks Dubbed The ‘Shaquille O’Neal of Girls B-Ball’ With Her Domination On The Court (VIDEO)

Audi Crooks is a freaking beast.

At 6-foot-3, Crooks is just too much of a challenge as she shoots nearly 71 percent from the field.

“When she gets it and misses, we’re kind of surprised she misses,” head coach Brandon Schwab said. “She’s had a lot of nights where she is 11 of 11 or 12 for 12 from the field.”

“We’ve known Audi is coming up for a long time,” Schwab said. “Obviously, since her seventh and eighth grade year, she took her game to another level by traveling around the state and country playing a lot of games. She’s gotten a ton better in the past two years.”

Audi is so dominant that a video was posted of her calling her the ‘Shaquille O’Neal of Girls B-Ball.’

In her first varsity season, Crooks has compiled 494 points, seventh-best in the state. She has collected 246 rebounds, and 72 blocks, ninth and sixth most in the state.

“UNI has been at our practice, Iowa State is going to be here tonight,” Schwab said before the game against West Hancock. “Iowa has sent a couple letters to her. Every Division I school in the state has contacted her. Being a freshman, it’s pretty fresh, and she’s got a lot of time before that has to be worried about.”

“She doesn’t play or act like a freshman,” Schwab said. “Off the floor, in our locker room, and on the floor, she doesn’t let big games phase her. She really looks forward to it, it’s all she can talk about is can’t wait for another big environment, packed-crowd game. She loves it. It doesn’t phase her.”