Playboy Model Bids Over $600K On Messi’s Handkerchief Used In Farewell Speech To ‘Pose Naked With It’ (PICS)

If you have the money, I guess you can do whatever the hell you want it.

34-year-old BARCELONA super-fan and Playboy model Luana Sandien is offering up tons of money in order to secure Lionel Messi’s teary handkerchief.

She said: “I bid $600,000 [£438,000] to get the Messi handkerchief gone, after that the ad disappeared.

“I gave more than half the advertised amount believing I would win, but the ad disappeared after my bid, out of nowhere.

“The ad went off the air without giving more information about the outcome of the case, so we don’t know if anyone bought the artefact, or if the advertiser gave up on the idea.

“I hope I made it.”

The Brazilian beauty has plans to ‘pose naked’ with it if the offer gets accepted. It was earlier this month when Messi announced his tearful Barcelona exit after La Liga financial fair play regulations meant the Catalan club could not afford to offer him a new contract.

He would soon join PSG.

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