Fight Breaks Out After Female MMA Fighter Puts Sex Toy In The Face of Her Opponent (VIDEO)

This isn’t something you typically see at a pre-fight stand-off.

A brawl broke out at a High League promotional event in Poland last weekend when pro boxer and World Champion Ewa Brodnicka pulled out a dildo from behind her back and shoved it in the face of her opponent, MMA fighter Aniela Bogusz.

In the video below, Brodnicka could be seen hiding the dildo behind her back and putting it in her opponent’s face as she got it thrown back at her.

The pair exchanged words before Brodnicka hit Bogusz in the face, prompting Bogusz to kick her — which led to security separating both fighters.

Bogusz would have the last laugh as she defeated Brodnicka by TKO in Round 3.

“I defeated a professional boxer world champion. It still doesn’t come to me … Thank you for your support. I thank those who believed in me. Love you,” she wrote alongside a photo showing her kissing her gold trophy.

Brodnicka took to Instagram to thank fans for their support.

“I did not give up the duel because I did not want to disappoint the fans and the organizers, despite the fact that the last 3 weeks of preparations are fighting pain and crossing my own limits during the rehabilitation of a broken leg,” she wrote, adding, “This is no excuse and I congratulate my opponent on winning.”