Anderson Silva Knocks Out Tito Ortiz In 81 Seconds During Boxing Match (VIDEO)

Anderson Silva is closer to 50 years old than he is 40, but he did not show his age when he stopped fellow MMA legend Tito Ortiz via knockout at 1:21 of the first round Saturday night in Hollywood, Florida.

Silva ducked an Ortiz shot and landed a huge counter right hook and followed that up with a left as Ortiz slumped against the corner to put him down for good. Ortiz appeared to be completely unconscious.

Silva defeated former world champion Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. via split decision back in June.

“I trained hard to show my respect for boxing,” Silva said in his post-fight interview. “I continue to work every day to prove my respect for the martial arts and for Wing Chun and for Bruce Lee.

“The grandmaster Bruce Lee said, ‘Be water, my friend.’ That’s what I do today.”