Former NBA Player Nick Young Says if Athletes Have Kids With Gold Diggers, Just ‘Quit Your Job’ To Avoid Paying Millions (TWEET)

Nick Young thought he had something here, but he missed by a mile.

Earlier this week, social media was buzzing over Brittany Renner declaring that it is ‘step daddy season’ after she had a baby with PJ Washington and promptly left him after securing the bag.

“Hey y’all, it’s officially stepdaddy season,” declared Renner. “Yeah, what up, I got the car seat in the back! Let’s go to the park! Don’t let your baby mama or your baby daddy block your blessings. I know in theory it sounds good keeping the same person to have kids with but that’s insanity as well. So if it doesn’t work out with them, it’ll work out with someone else. And trust me, I know it’s ghetto. It is so ghetto being a baby mama and thinking about multiple baby daddies is scary but we’re gonna be alright. We’re moving forward, onward, upward.”

She has been called a gold digger ever since. That video as well as other situations are the reason why former NBA player Nick Young took to Twitter and gave athletes a word of advice on what to do if they find themselves in a PJ Washington-type of scenario.

“If you have a kid with a gold digger just quick (quit) yo job”

Not wanting to pay child support while giving up millions of dollars is not the answer. maybe just….strap it up or get a vasectomy if you cannot control yourself.

Wrap it in latex or she will take your paychecks.